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Hi! I'm Emily.

I’m an experienced marketer who thrives on leveraging strategic content and storytelling to launch new products, build loyal customer communities, and drive business growth. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to inspire and engage customers,

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Recent Work

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Seller Marketplace Opportunities Guide

The Seller Marketplace Opportunities Guide was born out of a need to strengthen TPT's partnership with its sellers and to drive their content creation in key business opportunity areas. I led the creation of this report, the first of its kind for TPT, partnering with TPT's data team and education research team to build out its content.

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The Flex Catalog

The Flex Catalog is an unlimited subscription product within TPT's overarching product for schools and districts, TPT School Access. In order to successfully launch this product, TPT's Seller audience needed to be educated on its benefits and many complexities so that they would opt-in their stores. For this launch, I led the narrative and messaging strategy, as well as content development.

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Personalized Search Education

TPT recently launched personalized search on its marketplace. Since this was a significant update to TPT's search algorithm, its launch required a careful and comprehensive content strategy to support sellers through this change. I partnered closely with TPT's product marketing team to craft the narrative, messaging, and content pieces to support this launch.

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TPT School Access Impact Report

In order to drive sales of TPT's subscription product for schools, TPT School Access, sales representatives needed additional content and data points to convey the impact TPT School Access was having on educators and schools. To fill this gap, I led a collaboration between the sales enablement and research teams to develop the TPT School Access Impact Report.

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